Be suave on and off the floor: Try social dance

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Fun, excitement, friendship, relaxation and fitness are things that we all crave for every day. Yet lost in our busy work or study schedules, most of us never seem to get a break, say a few moments to let your hair down and enjoy. If that description fits you, then Social Dance may be the thing for you; it combines healthy physical activity, pleasurable mental stimulation through music and movement, and relaxed social interaction. Social dance, in simple terms, is any form of dance with socializing as the main purpose, usually enjoyed in the company of a partner.

Dance is a form of indulgent creative expression, and dancing with a partner in a social setting adds a sense of intimacy, a sharing of joy, and a sense of belonging to a refined group of society. Whether you are at a club, a small party of friends, or a more formal ball, learning the skills of social dance will go a long way in boosting confidence and social status.

Dance lessons themselves are an easy way to meet new people, and in the long run, they will help you feel more at ease in any social situation. It is amazing to see the transformation of people who start out in a dance class as shy and introverted become more and more vibrant and expressive, as they progress.

Relaxing and lightly aerobic, this form of dance has many health benefits; a higher level of flexibility, strength, and balance. It helps mental well-being too by helping you relax and relieving stress. Dance is a pleasurable activity that completely engages and invigorates both your mind and body, and adds to the bottom-line of your happiness. Learning or trying something new on the dance floor brings forth a sense of excitement.

Research shows both the physical coordination skills learnt in dance, as well as social skills of leading and following, make you smarter. Learning to dance requires effort, commitment and discipline; however, the simple, natural and practical aspects keeps it enjoyable. Always keep in mind that the more enjoy something, the better you will become at it.

The trick to being a good dancer is to approach the learning in a positive and a relaxed manner. As I keep reiterating during my classes, the students will do well to focus on the pleasurable: music, movement, ambiance and friendly interaction with your partner. Being positive will help weed out the anxious thoughts in your mind, and will bring you to the excitement of the present moment.

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Every so often, I get a student who comes and tells me that they either have no rhythm or are totally uncoordinated. I ask them whether they enjoy music, and I’m yet to encounter one whose hated music. I tell them: there you go, you do enjoy and understand the rhythm, and that it is just a case of focusing on the fun of it, and translating that into the movement of dance.

We are also better physically coordinated than we often give ourselves credit. Simple daily activities like driving, crossing the road, and even typing an assignment require much more effort than learning to dance. Not to mention, a misstep in these day-to-day activities may cost you dearly. Whereas, a mistake in on the dance floor, costs you, well, almost nothing, and guess what, everyone messes up from time to time. In fact, I tell my students: don’t be afraid – give what you are doing your all; mistakes are not for you to worry about, but an opportunity for the teacher to help you improve.

So here’s my invitation; Do yourself a favor try social dancing, for it is a fantastic way to add excitement and well-being to your life, and to surround yourself artistic, cheerful and caring people. As Friedrich Nietzsche once said, we should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once.

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This is an article written by DanceRevolt’s Nipuna for the SundayObserver Youth Magazine. The published article can be found here.

dancerevoltBe suave on and off the floor: Try social dance

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