Dance: An Exhilarating Experience for Anyone

You could almost feel that infectious beat in the multi-colored spotlights flickering away in red, green, and blue.
Your fingers are tapping to the vibes as you look at the dancers twist, turn and slide, as the rays of light reflect in vibrant patterns off their elegant claddings.

A couple stands out; they are dressed just as elegantly as the rest of the dancers on the floor, but there’s something striking, something you can’t almost put into words. They have the suave, the moves, and the chemistry; it is as if they are making music with their movements.

As the song reaches its climax, he spins her away, and for a moment, apart, they stare into each other’s eyes, and then he leads her back into an embrace, and dips. The music stops, and you let out a sigh wishing you were they.You want to be them, but you just don’t know how.I have been on both sides of the story; as a young child I’ve enviously admired these talented dancers, later as I grew up as a dancer – it was the thrill of the performance. If you ask me which I’d prefer, it’s always the latter, always! The joy of dance – I find to be the most delightful sensual encounter; it combines sight, sound, touch and human intimacy in a way that no other art form could. It is something you experience, no matter who you are; the catch is you got to be willing to let your hair down and immerse yourself in dance.

Whether we are, children or parents, students or entrepreneurs, an indulgent sensory experience such as dancing could be a welcome relief from the hustle and bustle of daily life. What’s more special about “partner dance”, or social dancing, is that it merges that experience into something we can share with another or even a group.

You can be the kind of dancer that I spoke of earlier; It is my firm belief. After years of teaching, especially when I look back, I’ve had many students who stand as proof. Dance is easy and just like music – it’s a natural form of creative expression and socialization; however, one must always approach dance as an indulgence, something that brings joy. If you want to be a good dancer, you must invest time, effort and other resources; however, every step of the way must be one of passion.

If you are willing to lose yourself in the art, there’s no self to be conscious of. Benefits of social dance are many; it’s known to boost health, fitness and confidence. It brings people together in a safe environment built on principles of courtesy and respect.

Whether you are youngster struggling for confidence (much like I was, at the beginning), a business person looking for some form of a release, or a mother looking for some exercise, there’s something in it for everyone.

My attempt here is not to analyze the many benefits of dance, forget them I say. We will talk about them later. For now, take a moment, a deep breath and close your eyes, and dream away, feel yourself immersed in the magic that dance could bring into your life.

This is an article written by DanceRevolt’s Nipuna for the SundayObserver Youth Magazine. The published article can be found here. 

dancerevoltDance: An Exhilarating Experience for Anyone

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