Looking for that perfect New Year’s Resolution? Try Dance!

Another new year has dawned. It is an opportunity, a fresh start to make our dreams come true; as Brad Paisley eloquently puts it “Tomorrow, is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one.” A turning of a year give us an opportunity to reflect on what we’ve achieved thus far, and explore new avenues to happiness and success.

“May the New Year bring you courage to break your resolutions early!” mocks the skeptic, but I do believe cynicism is a thin veil for lack of courage to dare; dare to grow, explore and adventure. From time to time we need a loud bang on the door to wake us up from the mundane routines;to inspire us to try something anew.

I hear you say, what does a dance columnist know of resolutions! Let me take a jab at guessing what you would aspire for the coming year. Do your plans involve happiness, good times with friends, health and fitness, looking and feeling good, or learning something new? If they do, dancing might just be the magic portion you are looking for!

Why does dancing make you happier? Foremost, it allows you to let your hair down and get lost in the music and movement. We all need a distraction from our mundane day to day routines. I’ve said it many times, and I’ll say it again – an hour of dance is the best way to let go of our daily stresses.

Most of us today trapped in a long cycle of working or studying all day and then going home for some passive distraction such as TV and movies, with little opportunity for enjoyable physical activity or safe ways to meet new people.

Social dances, be it tango, salsa or swing, bring people together. Taking dancing up with your loved ones is an awesome way to have a good time together. Alternatively it may be an opportunity for you to make new friends – or even find the love of your life! Dance helps improve your social etiquette, and the confidence built up on the dance floor will help your suave in day to day social interactions.

Looking good, losing weight and being physically fit are perhaps amongst the most popular resolutions of all time. Hitting the gym,jogging or treadmill can be tediously monotonous and provide little immediate rewards.You may enjoy the cha-cha or the rock and roll for an hour without realizing that you’re working out. Dancing improves your posture, helps you to open up your body and teaches you better body-language – which in turns helps you look better and stand taller.

The indulgence of dance and performing it with a partner or a group distracts us from the effort. If you’ve been averse to working out thus far in your life – a Social Dance class may be the perfect start. Once you get hang of the dance styles, you can join advanced classes for faster and more intensive cardiovascular activity and more exciting moves.

The thrill of learning or performing something new, in itself is a rewarding pursuit. It makes you smarter – as new activities, new ways of using your body helps your body to have better coordination and your brain to create new neuron connections.

Forget all the perks we talked of, a new year’s upon us, let us dare to grow, take more chances and dance more dances!

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This is an article written by DanceRevolt’s Nipuna for the Sunday Observer Youth Magazine. 

dancerevoltLooking for that perfect New Year’s Resolution? Try Dance!

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