Wedding First Dance: It takes two to tango

So you’ve finally decided to tie the knot? you’ve found someone you want to commit the rest of your life with. The pending wedding is a grand occasion, a big day perhaps you’ve been dreaming of since you were young. It is your chance to symbolize your union, in your own unique way with your family, friends and, all the relatives your families will invite even though you never knew existed.

You want everything to be absolutely perfect and magical, like in the movies and fairy-tales. On the big day, one of the most captivating moments of expression of romance is the first dance, both for you and the audience; I’d even say it is only second to the exchange of the vows and “Now you may kiss the bride” moments. While most spend hours on getting attire, venue, décor and seating arrangements right, many miss the opportunity to create a memorable moment full of passion.

A romantic dance is something so passionate and intimate between a couple, the opportunity to learn such is extremely enjoyable – especially if you approach it right. In addition, beyond your wedding, you are learning a skill and activity you can always indulge in.

I share with you a few tips to help create that perfect first dance moment and to make the learning more enjoyable, based on my experience of training many, many couples over the years at DanceRevolt. Sure, learning something new is always a challenge – but trust me, it’s both exciting and worthwhile.

First and foremost, make the dance yours. Pick your song – you know that special song, which makes your heart skip a beat. The more familiar, and more passionate about the music you are,the easier will be the expression through dance.

The music will also decide the dance style and choreography. Share your ideas with your choreographer early: this includes the theme for the wedding, what you are planning to wear and the setting; all these will help.

Start early, sooner the better – I suggest you start a few months before the wedding. This allows time to enjoy the learning and practice together with your other half. Practice makes perfect and builds confidence. The closer you get to the big day the busier you will be; when running about getting things in place, dancing becomes one more activity on the check list. If you have the time (say about six months before the wedding), an option is to enroll in a social dance course; this will allow you to explore various dance styles and music, while allowing for practice in a social setting. This option may also be more cost-effective.

Remember you are in it together; It shocks me how often people forget this, it takes two to tango. Work together – and the results will be better. One of you may have better musicality and the other better at picking steps up. Be patient; allow time for you and your partner to master and be comfortable.

Keep it simple. Simplicity is always classy, elegant, easy, and yet likely to leave a lasting memory of a brilliant performance. It also allows you more time for perfection; In dance, how you do is more important than what you do, this is always the case.

Smile and look into your lover’s eyes; this makes all the difference in the world. It helps you to relax, and combined with intimate eye contact it creates a powerful portrayal of romance for the onlooker, and will get you in the mood. The advice is simple and obvious, but it will benefit you greatly. In my experience, the difference between the ones who’ve followed and those who ignored is light years apart. Here’s wishing you a happy first dance!

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This is an article written by DanceRevolt’s Nipuna for the SundayObserver Youth Magazine. The published article can be found here.

dancerevoltWedding First Dance: It takes two to tango

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