Wedding Waltz: Which dance style or music fits you?

dreamstime_3709983edSmile and look into your lover’s eyes, dance for each other, pick a special song, take your time and enjoy learning to dance. These were some of the tips I dished out in a piece for couples who are preparing for the first dance at their wedding, on this column sometime back. Then I focused more on how we should approach the dance, and today, we explore what we can do; by discussing a few suitable dance styles and music choices.

A wedding is a symbol of romance, an elegant ceremony that signifies the beauty of the union. Thus, 99% of the cases, the dances that are smooth, graceful and slow befits. So much so, that the first dance at your wedding is usually called the “Wedding Waltz”; the same adjectives which describe the dance known as Waltz. There are many other dances of romance, sophistication and passion; Rumba, Foxtrot, Social Rhythm and Swing are the usual suspects. However, I’ve had the occasional daring couple try out a sexy Salsa or a high energy Jive.

Waltz: is a beautifully smooth dance, and was the official dance of matrimony in fairytales and amongst European royalty. The partners swirl around the floor in complete unison; in body contact with the partner throughout the dance. If you would like to do a waltz, start your lessons early. Majestic and alluring as the dance is, it takes time to master its’ finer points. Songs such as Norah Jones’ ‘Come away with me’ and Elton John’s ‘True love’ fit the slower Waltz. If you would like to try the faster Viennese you can consider: Jason Mraz’s ‘I won’t give up’, Lifehouse’s ‘You & Me’ or Christina Perri’s ‘A thousand years’.

Foxtrot: is as elegant as waltz, perhaps more glide-y; usually couples learn a simplified version which allows mastery over a shorter period of time. The fact the music is 4/4, vs. 3/4 of in waltz, as in most popular slow music is, makes it fit the song choices of many. There is more linear movement here in comparison to continuous rotation of waltz. The social rhythm is said to be a cousin of the Foxtrot, however the social rhythm is much slower, and movements are much smaller. Music: think most Michael Buble songs or Jason Mraz’s ‘I’m yours’ for foxtrot, and for the social rhythm check out: John Legend’s ‘all of me’, Lonestar’s ‘Amazed’, and slow pop ballads.

Rumba: is a Latin dance, more sultry and sexy than smooth. You won’t travel around the floor much, the character is movement away and towards the partner, and sexy hip gyrations. If your dress won’t allow your hips to shine, say a fancy flared ball-gown which you can trip yourself on, you’re safer sticking to the ballroom dances discussed above. However if you are the passionate sort, who loves to display your sensual affection for one another, this would be the perfect fit. Songs: Celine Dion’s ‘Falling in to you’, Labyrinth’s ‘Beneath your Beautiful’, Bryan Adams & Barbra Streisand’s ‘Finally found someone’.

Bachata: When I get married, I’ve always wanted a simple beach wedding, if that’s you too, well then the Bachata is your cup of tea! It is sexy but in a groovy kind of way. It’s also simple enough to be learnt in a few lessons. Like the Rumba and other Latin dances, Bachata allows you to have steps that incorporate a variety of different holds. The music is also as unique as the dance, so it will be something totally different from the norm. Songs: Prince Royce’s ‘Stand by me’, Rome Santos and Usher duet ‘Promise’.

Argentine Tango: It’s a mix of sensuality and slickness; although a Latin dance, it allows you more movement around the floor – always together with the partner. There’s a range of flicks, leaps and lifts you can put in, but then you’d probably want to allow yourselves a fair bit of time to master the dance. Having suggested the dance, the original Tango music is melancholy rather than romantic; thus your best bet is to talk to your teacher and adapt a modern pop tune to suit the dance.

It is most important that we pick the perfect song; 9 out 10 couples choose a song that’s their special one, and then a dance style that fits. Music and costumes permitting you can also combine dances and be creative; mix in a bit of funky swing with the elegant Foxtrot, or some cheeky Salsa with the more sensual Bachata.

Before you start lessons talk to your instructor and explore what will make the dance uniquely yours. More special the dance is to you, and more you enjoy the learning, the better and more memorable your first dance and your wedding will be.

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This is an article written by DanceRevolt’s Nipuna for the Sunday Observer Youth Magazine. The published article can be found here.

dancerevoltWedding Waltz: Which dance style or music fits you?

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